Fri. Jun 25th, 2021

Often dog owners love to take their pets with them on a drive. Many people prefer to take their canine when they are travelling to a nearby place for a few days. This is because leaving their pet back at home is unsafe and moreover the pet will feel lonely. Unfortunately, many dogs feel sick during car drive and their owner needs to face unpleasant situation of treating the dog because of car sickness.

Fortunately, there are many useful methods and tricks to use for prevent and treating car sickness that troubles most dogs. One such effective method is buying CBD oil for dogs. CBD is an herbal extract popular for its curative properties that has helped the mankind since ages. Now, you have CBD composed products specifically launched to enhance the health of pet animals.

You can get the best of them from highly rated online selling platforms like JustCBD. It is the CBD store that most of the people rely on for their pets. There you can buy dog treats and CBD oil for your pet dog without worrying about its quality as JustCBD is known for selling only superior CBD supplies.

Before moving on to ways adapted to prevent car sickness in dogs, you need to know the signs that indicate your dog is suffering from motion sickness or from travelling anxiety. Some of the telltale signs are panting, whining, drooling, pacing, changing body posture continuously, lip- licking, keeping eyes wide and sometimes vomiting.

Tips to prevent car sickness experienced by pet dog-

  • It is always beneficial to consult your veterinarian to provide medications if you plan to travel far in car with your dog. You can ask them to provide mild medications to use whenever there is plan to take your dog in car even to nearby place. You can give medicines whenever there is a need and surely your dog won’t feel unhealthy and your travelling in car with your favorite dog will be enjoyable.
  • Let them face forward and see out of window all the time while travelling in the car. It helps their ears inner sensation to link with the visuals they see outside.
  • Firstly, during the puppy stage or when your dog is few months old, take them on a short car trip like driving for few minutes. It helps their body to gradually accept the motion changes, thus they won’t have the troubled feeling while travelling to long distances once they grow up.
  • During long trips, it is helpful to have short breaks during travelling. You can let your pet wander for a while before starting the journey again. Fresh air does wonders to keep their mind calm and they feel refreshed.
  • Give them plenty of water to drink while travelling however can limit solid food before and while travelling.
  • You can have their favorite toy to play while travelling in car. It helps them to divert their mind from feeling the motion sensation.

The foolproof method is to give CBD treats or administer CBD oil before travelling to keep their mind calm, get rid of anxiety symptoms and to make them feel relaxed. Let you dog enjoy CBD treats before you take them in car for a drive.