Fri. Jun 25th, 2021


As the end of the academic year 2020-21 is approaching, it’s high time that students who belong to the CBSE board kickstart preparations for their annual examinations. Now is always the best time to start anything than to postpone it to the near future. With less than two months for the annual exams to commence, students must use this time wisely to fine-tune their exam preparations to strengthen their weaker areas. By doing so, students can achieve the highest level of academic performance they desire.


The syllabus for the annual examination would have been completed by most of the schools by now. But then, there may be some students who are not done with their syllabus yet. For those students, it is highly advised to cover the remaining concepts or chapters now. It’s also essential that every student comprehend and prepare according to the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE. To attain a firm grip over all the key concepts present in every chapter, students are recommended to learn from NCERT textbooks of the respective subjects.


Mathematics is a high scoring subject for students of any class. Ironically, most of the students fear about the subject and secure low marks. In order to score high marks in Maths, practice and problem-solving skills are vital. Students of Class 8 looking to improve their conceptual knowledge and score high marks in Maths examination can refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths. These solutions are by far regarded as one of the best online study-guides available for CBSE exam preparations.


Below are some salient features of NCERT Solutions:

  1. All the solutions are created by individual subject experts after conducting vast research in all concepts.
  2. Developed using simple language to provide a precise understanding of every solution.
  3. To help students achieve high marks in the exams, solutions are designed according to the latest CBSE guidelines and marking schemes.
  4. Solutions are available in chapter-wise and exercise-wise format for easy accessibility.
  5. Students can access the solutions in both online and offline modes.
  6. Apt resource for all revision purposes.


Moreover, it is very crucial for every student to create a solid study plan. This can be achieved by dividing time for all subjects and allocating more time to the chapters and subjects which students find it difficult to learn. Further, revision is critical for all students before taking up the examination. Revisions will help students recall and remember concepts, topics, facts, formulae and methods of solving problems.

Solving sample papers and previous year questions will strengthen conceptual knowledge among students and also help revise the whole syllabus at once. Going through an easily accessible online study guide can help save time when clarifying instant doubts. For instance, students of Class 7 preparing for Maths exam can utilise NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths for the purpose of revision and any doubt clarifications.


Students following these important tips will obtain strong and effective preparations to ace any type of examination with high confidence.