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There’s nothing more exciting, to many, that spending a day at the track. Even if
you don’t have access to a racetrack or a way to watch horse racing on TV, horse
wagering can yield some great profits. Many horse-wagering
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 individuals have hit the
big score with a bet of just $1. Before you can place your bets and start winning,
you need to know how to bet. In this article, we will go over some common horse
wagering options like the Trifecta, Quinella, Exacta and many more. In just a couple
minutes from now, you will be ready to hit the track (even the virtual one) and stake
your claim to the world of winning racetrack betting.

Horse Wagering

Win: This option is pretty self-evident. You are betting the horse to win the race. If
you are correct, your ticket will be paid the “Win” rate for the horse. This wager is
technically called a “Win Bet.”

Place: Sometimes even the best horses finish second and that’s what it means to
“place.” If the horse you pick comes in first or second, you are paid the “Place” rate.
This wager is technically called a “Place Bet.”

Show: There’s nothing wrong with coming in third, unless it’s a three horse race. If
your horse comes in first, second or third, you are paid the “Show” rate. This wager
is technically called a “Show Bet.”

Exacta (also called a Perfecta): Think you know what horses will finish first and
second? If so, place an Exact. You must pick the exact order. If you pick a the
number four horse to win and the number five horse to place and the race ends up
being 5-4, you lose. To win, in this example, you need a 4-5 finish.

Quinella: This bet is like an Exacta in that you select the two horses you think will
finish first and second. However, unlike the Exacta, the order does not matter. If you
select the number 5 horse and the number 6 horse, you win if the order is 5-6 or

Trifecta (also called a Triple): If you want to win a good deal of cash, potentially, for
a small $1 or $2 wager, the Trifecta is for you. When you bet a Trifecta, you are
betting on the exact horses that will finish first, second and third. The order matters
with this bet. If you are unsure of the order, but just know the three horses that will
Win, Place and Show, you can box the bet. When you box a bet, you are betting all
possible combinations. There are six combinations to any three-horse Trifecta.

Daily Double: If you have a good eye for picking winners, give the daily double a
spin. When you bet the daily double, you are betting on the winner of two
consecutive horse races–usually the first and second race of the day.

Pick Six: This bet could be a pick 6,7,8 and so forth. When you place this bet, you
pick the winners of all the races. As you can imagine, it has a very nice payoff when
you win.

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