Fri. Jun 25th, 2021

Being obese is one of the most dangerous things for your health. Obesity is a silent killer and, over time, invites life-threatening illnesses and diseases. Battling the bulge for many people has been challenging. Along with obesity, most overweight individuals suffer from the woes of depression. They carry the extra body weight, and this deters them from living an active and fit life as their healthy peers.

Fred Glynn – How can you battle the dangers of obesity

Fred Glynn is a popular councilman in Hamilton County, and he has a mission to help residents improve the quality of their lives. Being an expert in the fields of business, finance, mortgage, and insurance with over 15 years of rich experience and incredible performance history, he is now going the extra mile to help his fellow residents lead better and healthy lives. He recently launched a microsite in his name to give residents salient tips on life and business. Health is one of them, and he has addressed the problem of obesity in one of his posts.

He says that obesity occurs over time, and this is certainly not an overnight affair. However, it can be tackled with the right food and attitude. One needs to understand the fact that being obese is not something you cannot conquer. Taking small steps will help you to attain major goals. You just need to have the desire to start now!

How can you beat obesity and shed extra weight?

Emotional eating is one of the biggest causes of obesity. Think about this- when you face an emotion, you often turn to food. You eat more than you actually need. Besides three basic meals or the six smaller portion meals, you are stacking up on food with no or little physical activity. Most obese people are so lazy they do not even leave their couch let alone going for walks or taking their children to the park for play.

Get up, get moving

This is your first step if you are obese or overweight. Get up from that couch and start to move. Most obese people hit the gym, but they fail to see results, so they quit. For someone carrying extra weight, it is challenging for him/her to exercise regularly. It is here that they should start walking to get used to the movement. Later with time, they can start jogging to shed extra calories. The daily movement also lifts the mood.

Exercise also keeps the stress away, and you can curb emotional eating and extra weight gain. As per Fred Glynn along with regular exercise, it is crucial for obese or overweight people to eat a balanced diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. You need to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily. Sleep is essential, and you should sleep for 6 to 8 hours. These simple steps will help you lose the extra weight. Over time, you will see the positive transformation and the fat melting away. Not only do you look fitter, but you keep diseases and illnesses at bay.